Facilitating Decisions and Actions

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There are many levels and styles of decision-making.

Different organizations have preferences that mirror the organizational culture.
There are many levels and styles of decision-making.
This is a complete guide to decision making in groups. It includes a framework for all decision making – theory and practice from several well know authors on this including Sam Kaner’s work, Bob Wiele’s work (Smart for Life), the Harvard school of Business, ToP (Technology of Participation)® and many others. We’ll explore how to approach a decision making session, what tools you might use, provide step by step instructions for prioritizing activities, multi-voting, etc. how to mix and match tools and our usual practice exercises

The Tools

  • What is your style of decision–making?

  • What does producing effective results encompass?

  • Types of decision-making: Ladder of Involvement

  • A decision–making framework and case study

  • Seven typical techniques/processes meeting facilitators use to produce effective results and how to use each one

  • Turning ideas into measurable outcomes – goal and objective language

  • Self assessing your own style of decision making (Pitfalls)

Bonus material

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  • Videos

    Helpful videos that demonstrate a tool or technique that can be used along with the handout

  • Bonus material

    Additional resources and upcoming training that will help you develop and practice these skills more fully

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