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Explore what it takes to build an independent facilitator business

Level: Intermediate

Can you make a living as an independent process facilitator? What do I need to have in place for contracting, systems, tools and resources? These resources help you explore your current questions about building a meaningful professional facilitation business.
Explore what it takes to build an independent facilitator business

What's Included

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    Welcome to your resource library!
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    • How to access your resources
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    PDF Resources
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    • Starting a Facilitation Business
    • Ensuring Success for Them and You: Contracting with Clients
    • Growing and Enriching Your Facilitation Practice
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    Video Resources
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    • Introducing Yourself as a Facilitator
    • Process Facilitation Explained
    • The Amazing Facilitator Journey
    • To Certify or Not to Certify
    • Training vs. Facilitation
    • Four Ideas for Gratitude Journaling - Essential for Facilitators
    • Easily Make Facilitator Videos
    • Facilitator Blogging
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    Blog Resources
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    • I Don’t Know What to Ask My Client – Tips for a Successful Interview
    • Get More Facilitation Clients and In-House Opportunities
    • Choose the BEST EVER Professional Development Plan – For You!
    • Facilitator Economics: Your Top Money Questions Answered
    • How to ‘Hang’ with the Client…and Still Get the Job!
    • So You Want to Become a Facilitator Consultant?
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    Self-Assessment Resource
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    • 9 Stages of an Excellent Process Facilitator