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Professional Facilitator Development Library

What is it?

Over the last few decades, we've created so many useful templates so you do not need to start from scratch in creating your own. Every quarter we will up load more. AND, if you need something specific, just email us and we will find something that might work for you as a starting point. These are a few examples of what we have "in stock": participant agenda designs and detailed facilitator scripts for short to multiple day events related to conflict resolution, problem-solving, strategic planning, team building/forming, etc. We also have client proposals and client contracting examples. Finally, we have small group instructions for dozens of activities you might need. Keep watching for new additions!
What is it?

What's Included

  • Design

    Examples of agenda designs, facilitator scripts or guides for many types of typical client requests. We also include guided visualization scripts for your visioning and strategic planning sessions.

  • Small Group Instructions

    Small group productivity is greatly enhanced by clear written step-by-step instructions. Find many great examples here for energizers, discussion sessions, planning, goal-setting and more.

  • Business

    How do you prepare a succinct compelling proposal? Once, you have the "job", what should you provide in terms of an agreement of who is doing what (the contract!). We have many examples here.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Design Templates
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    • Meeting Agenda Template
    • Participant Agenda
    • Facilitator Guide/Script (Strategic Planning Retreat)
    • Facilitator Guide/Script (Staff Conflict Resolution Retreat)
    • ToP Design Eye
    • ToP Design Eye Instructions
    • Designing a Structured Focused Conversation
  • 02
    Small Group Instructions
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    • Small Group Instructions - Vision Sample
    • Celebratory Balloon Launch Activity
    • Discussing Change Template
    • Story, Song and Symbol Activity
  • 03
    Business Templates
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    • Single Session Service Agreement
    • Generic Strategic Planning Service Agreement
  • 04
    Strategic Planning Templates
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    • Creating Measurable Goals by Broad Strategy