Meetings That Rock LIGHT

Level: Beginner

For the Meeting Leader Who Is:

  • Short on Time

    Build facilitation skills in four key areas of a meeting in only 15 minutes per section

  • New to Facilitation

    Easy to follow videos and handouts you can reference over and over again

  • Looking for Ideas

    28 tips use you can use immediately for effective, productive meetings

Also helpful for:

  • Organizations that don't have a Professional Development budget

  • Volunteers asked to take on meeting leader roles

  • Those exploring the facilitation profession

  • New leaders just starting to run meetings

Course curriculum

  • 02
    Part 1: Get Everyone Talking
    Show details
    • Video: Get Everyone Talking
    • Guided Visualization - Get Everyone Talking Light
    • Text Summary of the 7 Talk Tips (1 page)
    • Visual Summary of the 7 Talk Tips (PPT Slides)
    • Bonus - 105 Great Questions
  • 03
    Part 2: Get Everyone Focused
    Show details
    • Video: Get Everyone Focused
    • Visualization Summary Part 2
    • Text Summary of the 7 Focus Tips (1 page)
    • Visual Summary of the 7 Focus Tips (PPT Slides)
    • Bonus - Sample Small Group Instructions
  • 04
    Part 3: Get the Best Ideas
    Show details
    • Video: Get the Best Ideas
    • Visualization Summary Part 3
    • Text Summary of the 7 Ideas Tips (1 page)
    • Visual Summary - Ideas (PPT slides)
    • Bonus - Tip for a Creative Meeting
  • 05
    Part 4: Get Action and Results
    Show details
    • Video: Get Action and Results
    • Summary Visualization Part 4
    • Text Summary of the 7 Results Tips (1 page)
    • Visual Summary of 7 Results Tips (PPT Slides)
    • Bonus - Action Chart Template


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What people are saying...

“The course platform was simple and easy to to use once I got registered for the course. Overall, the course content was clear, useful, and presented in a format that I could connect with (I am primarily an auditory learner).”

“I found useful the memory retention exercises that help participants turn learning into action. I especially like how you mention that there are some things that participants are already doing, but there may be some new ones to consider implementing. There is always something new to learn.”

“It feels like meetings without purpose and meetings without outcomes are big pitfalls, so I am glad that you addressed both of them in this course.”

“I think the course and content are good. you are excellent at delivery of info and audio pacing.”

“It is inviting, brief, but serious. You bring together meaningful ingredients that help the listener trust you. Bravo!”