Facilitator Mentor Program

Consider a Mentor

Mentoring will help you assess what your current facilitator competencies are and help you take the journey to becoming more confident, present and skilled at working with groups.
Consider a Mentor

This program is beneficial for:

  • Anyone facilitating in their organization and who want to deepen their understanding of how to work with almost any situation

  • Students and organizational development (OD) consultants who understand the concepts of OD but are still not completely confident in their ability to use facilitation skills

  • Leaders who want to take a more facilitative approach with their peers and direct reports

  • Professional Facilitators, internal or external, who have a complex event to design and co-facilitate, including multi-lingual, cultural sensitivities, multiple stakeholders, etc.

  • Others who are regularly called on to facilitate groups but sense they may be lacking certain tools or methods, or simply want to become more present with the group

  • Facilitators ready to make the next step of certification

Mentoring Guides You With...

  • Skill Building

    Work with Barbara MacKay, CPF|Master, to assess your current facilitator competencies and help you take the journey to becoming more confident, present and skillful in working with any group or situation

  • Complex Events

    We can help you create an effective agenda when complex conditions may include large groups, multiple languages, cultural sensitivities, multiple stakeholders, etc.

  • Certification

    Our associates can help you develop your skills to prepare for certification, ready to be assessed in a supportive environment

Mentoring Includes...

  • Competency

    At the beginning and end of the program we review your self assessment for the IAF facilitator certification competencies and help you set goals and plan for continued improvement in all areas where you would like to improve.

  • Mentoring Calls

    We talk on the phone or online (Zoom, WhatsApp) to review your progress toward your stated goals. We also offer coaching to help you design particular events for your clients.

  • Observation and Feedback

    We can observe one of your facilitated events (send us a video recording) and provide affirming and helpful feedback on what you are doing well and how you can continue to improve as a facilitator and/or prepare for certification.

  • Your Mentor

    Barbara MacKay, MS, Certified Professional Facilitator Master and ToP facilitator/trainer, Certification Assessor. Barbara has created hundreds of resources over the last decade to create more humane meetings and to build facilitation skills globally. Barbara has facilitated clients and provided facilitator training around the globe since 1995.

    Barbara MacKay

    IAF & ToP Certified Facilitator and Mentor


"Barbara has been a great resource for me and she supports me in so many different ways and levels. She stretches my thinking and capabilities through challenging my assumptions and approaches, and at the same time, instilling positive energy and confidence in my work. I always feel a sense of clarity and hopefulness after each call with Barbara.” L.W., Hong Kong

"I would like to thank you for all your support, mentoring and help in my CPF certification!”  A.V., India

Pricing options

Choose a single one-hour session for $250 or save when you bundle 3 one-hour sessions for $700