Strategic Planning

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Understand why every organization needs a strategic plan and how to do it simply

Level: Intermediate

What is the difference between strategic planning and operational planning? Use strategic planning when you need to have a comprehensive, long term view at your organization's stellar future. These resources include the most commonly used components of strategic planning. They can be used on their own or in sequence with other methods.
Understand why every organization needs a strategic plan and how to do it simply

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to your resource library!
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    • How to access your resources
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    PDF Resources
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    • Secrets of Strategic Planning
    • Six Great Visioning Tools
    • Beyond Surface Issues: Helping Groups Dig Deep
    • Looking Back to Move Forward
    • Value Driven Facilitation: Crafting Personal and Group Values
    • The Three S's for Peak Team Performance
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    Video Resources
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    • Creating a Mission Statement
    • How has facilitation evolved for you? The Historical Scan Method
    • Strategic Planning Variations: Part 1
    • Strategic Planning Variations: Part 2
    • Strategic Planning Variations: Part 3
    • Strategic Planning Variations: Part 4
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    Blog Resources
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    • Things Go Better With Planning – Three Proven Processes
    • What’s the Strategic in Strategic Thinking and Planning?
    • Meeting the Impossible Strategic Planning Request
    • Is Strategic Visioning a Waste of Time? 6 Ways to Overcome Resistance To It
    • Create Inspiring, Captivating Mission and Values
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    Template Resource
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    • What is a Mission Statement?
  • 06
    Training Resources
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    • ToP Strategic Planning
    • ToP Approaches to Environmental Scanning
    • ToP Secrets of Implementation