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Gracefully handle group tension and difficult behaviors

Level: Intermediate

How can you best help your groups gracefully move through heavy tension and conflict? Our goal is to encourage you to tap into the growth opportunities of conflict. Being able to handle group conflict depends on your own level of comfort & internal reaction to conflict. Explore tools and tips to manage conflict skillfully and bring your groups to a “break-through” moment!
Gracefully handle group tension and difficult behaviors

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to your resource library!
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    • How to access your resources
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    PDF Resources
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    • Beyond Surface Issues: Helping Groups Dig Deep
    • Difficult Behaviors: Working with Reluctant, Hesitant, or Dominant Participants
    • Getting Out of the Blame Game: Moving Towards Reconciliation
    • Groups in Conflict: Tools and Tips to Get You Through It
    • When Trust is Lost: Moving from Suspicion to Cooperation
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    Video Resources
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    • Empathetic Listening in a Conflict Situation
    • When Someone Arrives to the Meeting with Their Own Agenda
    • Mistrust: It Doesn’t Get Any Worse Than This – But You CAN Change It
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    Blog Resources
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    • People Who Talk Too Much in Meetings – Respectfully Dealing with Dominance
    • Challenging Participant Behaviors – An 8 Step Survivor’s Guide
    • Mistrust: It Doesn’t Get Any Worse Than This – But You CAN Change It
    • Ten Tried-and-True Team Building and Trust Building Techniques
    • Neutralize Whining and Complaining Behaviors in Groups!
    • Tools to Become Less Afraid of Conflict and Manage It
    • Facilitation Saves The Day (AGAIN!) Five Steps to Easing Tension and Conflict in Groups
    • Dealing with Conflict During Covid-19 (or any other time)
    • New Using Insight Dialogue Method to Facilitate Difficult Topics (such as the Israel-Hamas War )
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    Self Assessment Resource
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    • Trust Personal Reflection
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    Training Resources
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    • The Center for Nonviolent Communication